About XEN Systems

XEN Systems is a digital agency based in Sydney, Australia.

We focus on the 4 S’s of digital: Strategy, SEO, SEM and Social, with an integrated approach to help companies reach, engage and convert their target customers.

We provide digital marketing consulting & training to companies, schools and Government departments covering how to:

  • Understand who your target market is
  • Research what they need and are searching for
  • Improve your site and pages to ‘speak’ to those needs
  • Analyse your competitors
  • Improve your discoverability and ranking in the search engines
  • Implement systems and platforms to enable nurturing of your prospects, leads and customers
  • Build your presence and engagement across social channels
  • Track visitor intent, site usage and conversion
  • Drive traffic, generate leads and nurture contacts into customers

“People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction.” ― Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-Founder, HubSpot

Kylie Browne
Accounts Director

Kylie is an AdWords specialist, with a passion for all things marketing. She manages customer projects, and implements AdWords, Email and Social Media Marketing.

Craig Bailey
Founder & Technical Director

Craig works with companies to help them understand, implement and scale their digital marketing strategies. He’s also a HubSpot Consultant. Read more…

Tara Connolly
Inbound Marketing Associate

Tara is a content marketing specialist, managing content strategy, creation and HubSpot implementation.

Roselen Fernandez
SEO Specialist

Roselen is a HubSpot and Inbound Marketing specialist, with a focus on health, business and technology outreach campaigns.

Jon Capistrano
Researcher, Content Writer

Jon specialises in research and content creation for our outreach campaigns. He’s worked as a technical support representative for Dell, America Online, Xbox and Dodo Australia. He’s an avid scooterist and musician.

Suellen Hughes
Creative Director

Suellen manages all creative and design work as well as customer strategy, planning and implementation of paid advertising campaigns.

Kerry Butters
Technology Writer

Kerry was our technology writer. She was passionate about the written word and all things technology related. Sadly she passed away in February 2016 after a courageous battle with cancer. Read our tribute to Kerry here.

Roelen Fernandez
Copywriter, Social Management

Roelen creates, edits and tailors content for outreach and content marketing campaigns as well as social presence management. She likes poetry, loves blues, and considers Hieronymus Bosch (the LAPD police) her hero.

XEN HubSpot Certifications
HubSpot partner
Google Partner
Databox Premier Partner
HubSpot Gold Partner