HubShots Episode 100
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HubShots Episode 100: Brian Halligan on Marketing Past, Present and Future

In this episode, we chat with Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-founder of HubSpot. We discuss marketing past, present and future.

It’s a fascinating insight into Brian’s love of The Grateful Dead, a band who pioneered the idea of inbound marketing.

We then learn more about how HubSpot developed as a company in the early days, through to how they are embracing machine learning and what Brian refers to as Convert 2.0.

The interview finishes with Brian’s advice for marketing managers and marketers keen to accelerate their careers.

Be sure to click through for the full transcript of the interview.

HubShots Episode 97
HubShots, HubSpot, Web Analyst

HubShots Episode 97: Marketers ruin everything – how to be responsible marketers

In this episode Ian and Craig discuss the need to be responsible marketers based on Kipp Bodnar’s recent post on how marketers ruin everything. Next up are the cool HubSpot tips including viewing field history, and the new HubSpot Teams setting in Settings.

Then the news of P&G slashing their advertising spend and yet increasing sales.

They provide a strategic overview of how accounting practices can use Facebook for marketing.

There’s a good post from Databox featuring Inbound podcasts, plus a bunch of great resources including the new HubStrap landing page builder.