Let me guess…

You’re a time-poor, over-worked Marketing Manager (or Marketing Director or Marketing Coordinator) in a mid-large Australian company.

You’ve been tasked with getting ‘the digital marketing strategy’ in place, and generating tons of leads for the sales team.

If you’re lucky you’ve got a team with one or two other marketers to help you get it going, even though you know you really need a team of 5 at least.

Each day is a rush to meet over optimistic deadlines, and you can’t even catch your breath to consider getting strategic.

Your boss is actually a really nice person, but they don’t quite get it… they think you can just ‘turn on the marketing’, not realising that marketing needs to be researched, planned, implemented, monitored, revised, improved and accurately reported.

You could do with some help.

You need a quick response team that you can partner with to get some of the heavy lifting done. A team that helps understand your current situation, research the opportunities and work on the strategy with you.

A team that has years of expertise not only formulating the strategy, but also tons of success implementing all the different bits, whether it’s the paid advertising channels, or the content strategy and blog posting, or the social media involvement, or the analytics and reporting across it all.

That’s where we come in.

Typically here’s how we help companies and clients in the position you’re currently in:

Chat with Craig

A quick 30-minute chat with Craig is all it takes initially. He’ll chat with you about the company goals, ask a few helpful questions, note a few useful suggestions, and then mention a few next steps.

If you’re comfortable with Craig, and it seems like he’s talking your language, then organise a face-to-face meeting.

This is where we start getting down to the good stuff. We start thinking about strategy and planning some quick wins. In an ideal world we’d spend the next 3 months putting together an amazing strategy document, but let’s be real here, you need to get some leads coming in fast.

So we’ll usually start with some paid channels to quickly drive in targeted traffic.

That’s where Kylie joins the process.


Kylie gets your key AdWords campaigns firing. She takes over management of all your AdWords, while Craig gets back to working with you on your strategy.

The leads are starting to come in now, but we don’t yet have accurate reporting set up.

That’s the next key piece Craig is working on, most likely with Google Analytics, putting together some important high-level reports so you can see where and what is working. It’s still early days yet, but even from the start we want those AdWords dollars working to their maximum potential.

OK, so at this point the AdWords is working, and the reporting is ‘good enough’.

That’s when some of the strategy document starts coming together. It will be focussed on understanding your target market, and preparing snapshot descriptions of your ideal customers. We call these ‘personas’ but you might have heard them referred to as ‘avatars’ or ‘audiences’.

Based on these personas we then look at preparing high quality content to appeal to those potential customers.

Tara and Roselen

That’s where Tara, Roselen and our writing team come in.

We create the content for you, format it and publish it on your site. There’s approval workflows with you of course, but most of the work is all handled by us.

That content then gets promoted out to your ideal audiences, via search engines (SEO) and paid channels, as well as social, and also personal outreach – which we can also do, on your behalf. By now Kylie has likely added LinkedIn and Facebook Advertising campaigns into the mix, along with AdWords.

At this point you are getting more leads but are realising that not all of them are ready to buy. Many are still just researching.

That’s great, because now we look at implementing a nice set of email nurturing programs for you.

And around now we start to look at implementing a platform such as HubSpot to manage it all.


HubSpot really supercharges the whole process. Not only does it manage all the email nurturing, but it also covers the campaign management, reporting, social management and much more. It even has a world class CRM if you need it.

By now everything is starting to get under control, and you are starting to feel like you’re moving from reactive all the time, to being proactive. It’s a good feeling.

Now we start looking at how we can really optimise the entire process. We have a good range of data and results to work with, and we’re able to highlight key successes. And duplicate them.

Oh, and those tedious reports that you used to spend hours each end-of-month putting together, we’ve got them being produced almost automatically for you as well. And it’s actually better than that. Before you used to only see part of the sales cycle, now you see the full end-to-end process, starting with an anonymous visitor on your site, right through to them filling in a form, being nurtured, and then ultimately converting to a customer. It’s powerful stuff.

Too good to be true?

Well, no. It’s achievable. It takes a lot of work of course, but it’s what you need to be getting in place. It’s no longer an option for companies. In a competitive marketplace you need to be across all this stuff.

And that’s what we’d like to help you with.

We’re a small, agile, experienced team. We’re certified with AdWords, Analytics, HubSpot, and more. We’ve worked with a vast range of well-known brands from Red Bull to Bioglan to Hyundai, as well as many companies you’ve never heard of – dynamic businesses who are succeeding online now, thanks to having a partner to help them manage the workload.

Marketing is getting more competitive – you know that; we know that – which is why we’re here to help you stay on top of it all.

Worth a chat?

If this sounds like something you’d like to discuss, we’d love to talk with you.

Simply fill in the form below and Craig will contact you to introduce himself and see if there’s a possible fit with us working together.

We look forward to chatting with you soon: