Why Better Customer Service Can Make A Big Difference To Your Revenue

Why Great Customer Service is a Driver for Revenue

Having good customer service is a great way to distinguish yourself from competitors. Here we share some insight to help your business provide good customer service and what you can do to make sure it happens.

We hear all the time about companies promoting themselves as having great customer service. They use it as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors. The problem is that everyone says it. Everyone is talking the talk, but are they really delivering the goods?

Think about how you provide an outstanding service to your customers. What is it that your company provides that others can’t?

  • Consider this for your business. Do you have:
  • A high turnover of staff
  • Procedures and policies in place that cover all aspects of the business
  • Onboarding programs for new recruits
  • Staff development programs
  • Bonus or rewards systems.

Notice all of these considerations are an internal framework. You might have the friendliest 20-something year old man working in customer service, but if he’s disillusioned about the future of the company, or didn’t receive a good handover from his predecessor, then the foundations for a good customer service experience are already shaky.

So here’s the crux. A customer service role can be difficult. Usually it’s an entry level position, and the customer service team are typically dealing with questions and complaints all day long. These team members are the face of the company, and their poor service will directly affect revenue.

HubSpot’s recent report, Customer Success Feeds Business Success, outlines why businesses should view customer success as a lever for revenue growth.

The report is packed with great information about how business growth is linked to customer success. The stand out finding for me is that growing companies prioritise customer success.

Growing businesses are 21% more likely to say their customer’s success is very important than stagnant or declining companies.

The reports says, “By seeing customer success as a differentiator and revenue contributor instead of a cost center, these businesses leaders invest in customer success with the understanding that it will ultimately help their business grow.”

So the question is, how do growing businesses achieve it and how do they sustain it?

To achieve it, they:

  • Invest in customer service programs
  • Prioritise training to customer service reps
  • Actively try to reduce attrition with career path options.

To sustain it, they continue to:

  • Invest in customer service programs
  • Prioritise training to customer service reps
  • Actively try to reduce attrition with career path options.

Could it really be that simple? It appears so. Tell us about your business, in your experience does customer success feed business success?

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