Using the HubSpot Recent Conversion Contact Field

Using the HubSpot Recent Conversion field

HubSpot has a nice contact field that keeps track of the most recent conversion event for a contact. This can be especially helpful if you numerous lead magnets on your site and are interested in seeing what a lead has engaged with most recently.

Perhaps you’ve seen it in your Contact Listing page:

HubSpot Contacts Listing

If you don’t see it in your view, it’s easy to add using the Columns manager (top right of your listing):

HubSpot Contacts Listing Columns

It’s an inbuilt HubSpot Contact field in the Conversion Information group:

HubSpot Contact Properties

The field’s internal name is: recent_conversion_event_name and it is defined in the KB as: “The last landing page and form the contact submitted”

It’s also available for displaying on individual Contact screens:

HubSpot Contact Properties

One way it is especially useful is in internal email notifications.

Consider a typical workflow for notifying staff (Eg sales or marketing teams) about a new lead:

HubSpot Internal Email Notification Workflow

When implementing the Internal Form Notification email, you can simply add the Recent Conversion field in the body of the email:

HubSpot Internal Email Notification Setup

Or when editing it looks like this:

HubSpot Internal Email editing

And then when you or your team receive the email notification it will look something like this:

HubSpot Internal Email Notification

This can often be useful for Sales teams if they are getting these notifications – a quick glance can tell them if they need to act straight away eg if a Contact filled out a Demo request or a Pricing request it might warrant an immediate response by a sales person.

It’s also useful for sales teams when they see their existing leads and customers take an action – even if it doesn’t require follow up, just having a sense of what they’ve downloaded keeps them informed, without the need to link through to the contact’s record.

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