Tidbit: How Remarketing is Used to Increase ROI

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It is not always easy to convince visitors to your site that they should take action on their first visit as they usually want to think about it and return to the site before converting their visit into doing business with you. This gives you a chance to implement remarketing and tailor some offers and ads to pass on to indecisive customers. They should be related to their previous site visit and the experience they had. Remarketing gives you the chance to close the deal.

By remarketing you have a chance to sort out your audience of people who have already visited your site and produce ads for search and display campaigns that are based on how the visitors reacted when they visited your site. This is a successful method of getting them to convert their visit into doing business with you as they can see the ads on the web relate to their previous experience of your brands and products. This connection makes them more likely to become your customers.

Why Companies Use Remarketing

Whatever your motives remarketing plays an important part in every campaign. Whether you are hoping to increase sales and/or registrations to your site or just raise awareness of your brand remarketing brings a return on investment to all types of advertisers.

  1. When you create your campaign you can select Display Notices for Remarketing if you want to use remarketing on the display network. The default settings in this type of campaign help you to achieve a better performance as it gives your targeting a wide enough spectrum whilst focusing on the right audience.
  2. If you want to use remarketing lists for search ads you can choose “Search Network only for All features” for this type of campaign.
  3. If you want to use your apps in your remarketing campaign choose “Display Network only for Mobile Apps” when you setup your campaign as this helps your ads to appear in mobile apps.

Remarketing can also be used to improve ROI in existing campaigns. If you have a campaign that has keywords which drive visitors to your site use them to drive conversions as well. You can even try using keywords that did not bring any conversions in the past as if you combine them with remarketing it may bring an increased ROI.

You can use remarketing lists to adjust bids for search and tailor specific ads for people on your list. Those who have already visited your website might decide to purchase at a higher rate so you can adjust the bids for those customers to achieve a better position and to get more clicks and conversions.

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