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Digital Marketing Tidbits

In today’s day and age where the internet has poked its head into just about every aspect of our lives, it makes sense that businesses should try to take full advantage of that fact. Establishing a strong and ambitious digital strategy for your brand is no small task and encompasses a number of things to consider. What type of online advertising do you plan on using? Which social media networks do you want to spend develop the most? What efforts do you plan on making towards perfecting your site’s search engine optimization? There have been entire books written on digital strategies and its various components, and therefore coming up with, and implementing a strategy for it is no small task. 

Every serious business needs to have all of the aforementioned components worked into their digital strategy at some point but doing so is not cheap. For newer businesses, often the primary concern is the budget they have to work with; they want to thoroughly evaluate the cost to benefit ratio of each option. For instance, having a solid handle on social media and the certain ways to maneuver it is both great for the business for a myriad of reasons, but is also one of the cheapest ways to get started. Not only are almost all social media networks free to join and use, the benefit of the extra communication with the customer base is truly priceless and as the business scales up in size, so can the level of their social media involvement.

If the business has a larger budget, while they will still want to invest in a serious social media campaign, they may also want to consider investing more heavily into search engine optimization and pay per click advertising since they would guarantee more of a ‘boost’ for the business from day one.

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