HubShots Episode 31
HubSpot, Marketing Manager

Episode 31: Ghostwriting, HubSpot Campaign Improvements and Changing Buyer Behaviours

Episode 31 of HubShots – the *Unofficial* HubSpot Down Under Podcast is now available. You can listen to the episode and read the full show notes here: Key points we discuss: – a nice example of how attending ‪#‎Inbound16‬ resulted in a valuable business connection – Craig’s next prediction for Inbound – Dan Ariely […]

HubShots Inbound Sales & Social
Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Episode 29: Inbound Sales and Social

Episode 29 of HubShots – the Unofficial Down Under HubSpot Podcast is now available. In this episode we talk about breaking news versus valuable news and discuss: – what Inbound is actually like – using workflows effectively – the benefits of embracing known and proven marketing approaches – an example of a hypothetical sales process, mapped to the buying […]

HubShots Inbound Sales Certification
HubSpot, Marketing Manager

Episode 28: Inbound Sales Certification and Having A Growth Mindset

Episode 28 of HubShots is now available. In this episode, we cover: HubSpot’s Inbound Sales Certification that introduces you to the world of inbound selling and the Inbound Sales Methodology the Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge how to create a list based on people who have opted out of all email a discussion on Mindset by Dr Carol S […]

HubShots Interview Sam Schoolman
Marketing Manager, HubSpot

HubShots Episode 27: Interview with Sam Shoolman

Episode 27 of HubShots – the Unofficial Down Under HubSpot Podcast is now available. In this episode we interview Sam Shoolman, Sales Director for HubSpot Asia Pacific and discuss: – one key thing successful marketing managers are particularly good at (from a sales manager’s perspective): the willingness to adapt – research is showing conclusively that […]