Analytics Analysis and Training


Analytics underpins everything we do in web strategy.

It measures campaign performance, provides feedback on trends to capitalise on, and insights into issues.

Test and measure. That’s basically the secret of web strategy.
If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

The following items are all covered during a XEN engagement:

Configuring Goals

An outcome of the digital strategy review is a clear understanding of goals for the site.

Being able to report on goals is crucial therefore to determining if the digital strategy is working or not. Google analytics allows up to 20 key goals to be configured. Additional (unlimited) goal related activities can be tracked via events, implemented within the web site itself.


Baseline reports and on-going regular reports are prepared and scheduled.

Google analytics provides an incredibly rich spread of metrics that can be used. Part of ensuring success is to prepare ‘actionable’ reports, tailored to highlight only the relevant metrics.

Analytics comparison reports


Dashboards are a useful way to show a snapshot of high level items.

They are built with ‘widgets’ to indicate key metrics and trends. Dashboards can be built around themes eg a dashboard of social engagement metrics, or advertising spend metrics or conversion goals metrics or mobile effectiveness.

Mobile dashboard example


Traffic segmentation is a process of filtering data so that only relevant traffic is included for analyis. Common examples might be:

  • segmenting via engagement metrics (Eg visitors that stay on the site for an average of 10 pages or more)
  • segmenting via traffic sources (Eg focus on traffic from a particular advertising campaign)
  • segmenting via location (eg viewing visitors from a particular country)
  • segmenting via keyword intent (Eg only viewing visitors who came via non-brand keyword terms)

By segmenting traffic, key insights can often be discovered, such as a source or type of traffic is converting especially well. These insights can be fed back into site optimisation and link building activities.

Funnel Analysis

Funnel analysis is the process of determining how visitors are engaging with the site.
It highlights sections that are working well, and also identifies problem areas (eg if visitors are leaving in a particular section of the site).
Funnel analysis is a key part of conversion optimisation and ensuring that the visitors to the site are delivered the best user experience possible.

Custom Reports

As well as the vast number of default reports within Google analytics, there is also the ability to create detailed custom reports that drill into specific visitor behaviours and sources.

Linking Google Analytics and Google AdWords

If you use Google AdWords to drive traffic to the site it is important that the traffic is properly ‘tagged’. This is enabled through some AdWords settings, and linking the AdWords account to the Analytics account. We take of this integration


We’ve focussed deeply on working with the following analytics packages:

  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Clicky

We are Google Analytics Qualified individuals.

Read our 3-part series on Google Analytics for Enterprises, including: Overview, Reporting and User Management.

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