Digital Strategy Reporting

Digital Marketing Strategy

Reporting needs vary per client, and it’s important that reports match requirements – there’s nothing worse that getting bombarded with a range of non-actionable reports.

A key part of every project is taking the time upfront to assess and agree on what results, KPIs and action items need to be highlighted, and how often. Usually monthly overview reports are appropriate, with the option of weekly or even daily updates on specific items.

The following reports detail some of the options available to clients:

  • Summary reports – overview of all key activities with results and trend indicators
  • traffic and sources
  • leads and conversions
  • site engagement and sales pipeline progress
  • social engagement and sentiment tracking
  • ranking and overall search visibility metrics
  • paid campaign results and ROI

In addition, we set up custom reports, dashboards and scheduled alerts.

As well as reporting, we provide monthly updates on insights gained from the reports and how these finding impact on-going activities.

Regular reviews of site strategy and activities allow opportunities to be acted on and issues to be corrected.

Ranking visibility

Learn more about how we use analytics for reporting.

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