Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Email marketing is the process of emailing a group of people (usually prospects and customers), with the purpose cultivating a relationship, building trust, and requesting an action such as new business or sales.

Email Newsletter Campaigns and Autoreponders

Email marketing is usually managed via a dedicated email platform, or marketing automation system.

Emails are sent to the group either as campaigns, or as a series of automated emails (referred to as autoresponders).


Email marketing is considered the #1 direct marketing strategy by many large companies due to the following benefits:

  1. Because email is such a regular part of most people’s daily routine, email marketing has a very high reach (when compared to other marketing such as social or paid ads) and is considered an acceptable contact method by recipients.
  2. Email marketing is very economical as a large broadcast method.
  3. But perhaps most importantly it is very measurable. Email open rates and click throughs can easily be measured and compared. Email items (such as subject lines and sections within the email) can be tested and winning combinations promoted.

66% of marketers say email delivers good or excellent ROI
Email Marketing Industry Census 2013

As Part of an Integrated Strategy

When email marketing is included as part of the overall digital strategy it is even more effective.

Consider a simple digital marketing strategy such as the following:

  • A new piece of useful content (eg a whitepaper) is prepared
  • It is made available on the web site via a dedicated landing page.
  • The landing page includes a form for capturing visitor details in order to access the content
  • It is shared via the company web site (eg a banner on the home page)
  • It is shared via a blog post
  • It is shared via social channels
  • It is promoted via a mix of advertising campaigns
  • It is promoted via an email newsletter campaign to existing customers and prospects

Working together these digital channels are aligned in promoting the new content – the ‘user experience’ of a visitor, follower, lead or existing customer is consistent and the engagement will be higher.

Confidence is increased and the visitor is more likely to interact further with the company or brand.

Email marketing then continues, since visitors who accessed the content will be further ‘touched’ via follow-up email autoresponders. The autoresponder series, when prepare thoughtfully, will provide value and further reinforce the brand benefits, contributing to increased engagement and conversions.

Email formats

Email marketing includes a range of formats including:

  • Newsletters to customers and subscribers
  • Campaigns to prospects and leads
  • Autoresponder series to draw leads through a sales funnel
  • RSS campaigns to automatically send site blog content to subscribers


We’ve worked with a number of email marketing platforms including:

We work closely with you to design and implement an effective email marketing strategy for your business.

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