Audience Targeting Workshop

Target Audience

What: The Audience Analysis workshop is a two hour workshop facilitated with sales, marketing and management stakeholders.

Why: The workshop provides a clear understanding of the target audiences for a company to focus on.

Who: The workshop is ideal for companies who are growing into new markets and considering multiple demographics to investigate.


1. Introduction (10 minutes)

An overview of audience targeting versus buyer personas:

  • Audience targeting is at a higher level and typically focuses on companies and industries
  • Buyer personas are more detailed and focus on specific roles with a company.

2. Analyse Current Audiences (20 minutes)

Review current audiences and identify:

  • key attributes (industry, company size, locations)
  • problems you solve well for your customers
  • a typical good fit client.

3. Brainstorm future audiences (60 minutes)

This is the main part of the workshop and requires input from stakeholders.

Nothing is dismissed at this point and all suggestions are included.

The key attributes of potential audiences are gathered:

  • similar¬†industries to current audiences
  • common pain points
  • industry sizes
  • benefits your solution can provide.

4. Refinement (20 minutes)

At this point we cull the suggestions down to the top 3 audiences.

It is important at this stage that key stakeholders are all in agreement on the audiences.

5. Buyer persona initiation (10 minutes)

The final step is to commence the thinking around buyer personas within the target audiences.

The goal here is to get a general understanding of key job titles/roles with the target audience companies.

The full process for fleshing out buyer personas is covered in a separate workshop.