Using Google Parameters in elcomCMS to track clicks

Google Tracking Parameter in elcomCMS

elcomCMS provides a simple way to globally insert parameters into widgets and search links so that they can be tracked as page views within Google Analytics.

Parameters call also be set at an individual level (Eg articles or links) for tracking.

1. Set a global tracking parameters

This is set in the Global Admin screen:

elcomCMS Global google Parmeter entry

Whatever is entered here will be inserted into links in widgets and search results listings.

2. Set an individual tracking parameter

Here’s an example of setting a tracking parameter for a link on a banner. In this example I’ve entered a parameter of ‘blogbanner-intranetdesign’:

elcomCMS Individual link parameter entry

In this example, I actually have a series of banners that appear in a rotator, so I added each with a unique parameter.

Here’s the actual code that gets generated in HTML behind the scenes:

Google Parameter insertion into elcomCMS

It’s just a simple _trackPageview call in the onclick.

3. Viewing in Google Analytics

Whenever a link with one of these tracking parameters is clicked it will generate a page view in Google Analytics.

The page views can be reported on from the All Pages report.

In Google analytics, go into the Behaviour -> Behaviour Flow -> Site Content -> All Pages report and then filter by those ‘blogbanner’ pages:

Google Analytics viewing parameter pageviews

Notice I’ve used the Filer search to just show the pageviews that contain ‘blogbanner’. This shows the number of times each of the banners from the example earlier has been clicked.

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