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Bring in the New Year with some new, interesting articles to read!

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ then you’ve probably already seen the following posts. If not, it’s time to catch up on your reading from the last few weeks! Here’s a quick update on some interesting reads. Follow the links to get updated.

Every marketer has had trouble deciding whether or not to gate content. Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because HubSpot has created a flowchart that will help you answer that question. Check out this useful guideline if you’re doubting your gating decisions and learn the difference between information exchanges that are considered a fair trade as opposed to asking for too much.

Stratechery’s insightful article is an eye-opening recap of advancements in the field of consumer technology up to the end of 2014. This article goes into detail about our progression from PC’s to mobile devices, and what the introduction and development of the Internet has done to change consumer technology.

Arguably one of the most important aspects of marketing today is content personalisation. elcomCMS provided this interesting article, explaining the importance of content personalisation in increasing customer retention. This one is full of research, so check it out and see what you could be achieving by implementing content personalisation in your marketing strategy.

What’s the point of content personalisation if it doesn’t encourage viewer engagement? Another elcomCMS article outlines the psychology behind this particular method of marketing and how social media plays a huge role in personalised marketing strategy.

We hope you enjoy these interesting reads and have a great start to 2015!

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