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It’s that time again! If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ then you’ve probably already seen the following posts. If not, it’s time to catch up on your reading from the last few weeks! Here’s a quick update on some interesting reads. Follow the links to get updated.

Smallbiztrends recently provided this helpful list of must reads for improving your online marketing strategy. The list includes everything from creating a welcoming website to measuring social media ROI and internet security in the workplace. Have a read of this one for a great overview of what you can do to up your online marketing game.

If you’re involved or interested in the healthcare marketing industry, click through to this article from the Agency Post. The three trends currently shaping the healthcare marketing industry are explained in detail: social media, brand messaging and video/image content. The marketing field continues to change and evolve along with technology and online trends, so every industry needs to know how best to market in their particular fields.

HubSpot identified 9 real-life conversion rate optimization tests to try in your marketing strategy. Have a read of this post to get some tips and see how your conversion rate measures up. Making a few aesthetic changes can make a huge difference to the number of conversions you can pull in.

Writer Access explains Google Panda 4.1 and its intent to improve the quality of content on Internet sites, giving small and medium-size sites the opportunity to earn higher ratings if they offer high-quality content. Click the link to get some insight into what Google Panda considers “high-quality” content and how to make sure your content is considered as such.

According to Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94% more views than articles without images. HubSpot posted this list of data-driven tips for using images in blog posts a few weeks ago. Who knew that spending a few extra minutes adding images to your posts could make such a huge difference! Check out this helpful list to learn some important image strategies.

Another HubSpot article explains how to “future-proof” your marketing strategy. Want to know more? Read this article to understand how monitoring trends can help you create great headlines and timeless content via the most popular delivery methods.

Content Marketing Institute’s predictions for 2014 may not have been spot on, but their recent article looks back on the world of marketing in 2014 to find out what actually happened. Also, follow the links to include your own 2015 predictions!

Last but not least on our reading list today comes from Elcom. This post explains the fundamentals of video thought leadership. Video can increase and boost the process of thought leadership within business and customer relationships, however, Elcom provides some extra tips on how to most effectively develop thought leadership and authority using this particular platform.

We hope you enjoy these interesting reads!

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