HubShots Episode 60: SEO in 2017, HubSpot Marketing Free, Ideal Content Lengths, How Not To Die

HubShots Episode 60

Welcome to Episode 60 of HubShots!

Welcome to HubShots, the podcast for marketing managers who use HubSpot hosted by Ian Jacob from Search and Be Found and Craig Bailey from XEN Systems.

Recorded: Monday 21 November 2016 | Published: Thursday 24 November 2016

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Inbound quick takeaways.

Key value points from Rand Fishkin’s session:

Some stats:

  • 1.19% of searches on in US result in an ad click => ie 98% of searches don’t click on an ad.
  • 51% of US search clicks, click on an organic link.
  • 40% of searches result in no clicks eg weather results
  • 25% of searches are in progress eg Chrome instant, so the searcher is still refining their search

Google’s keyword planner tool is becoming less useful (vague ranges) –


  1. Put your video on Wistia first and embed that on your website to get links and build your asset. Then add it to YouTube 3 months later.
  2. Don’t ignore search channels just because they are not Google!
  3. Understand searcher intent. Google is mastering this.
  4. Links still matter. So be strategic about it.  See Link Builder Strategic Roadmap:

pasted image 0 11

Want more? Watch this from Rand about On-Page SEO in 2016: The 8 Principles for Success – Whiteboard Friday

Shot 2: HubSpot Feature/Tip of the Week

Lots of new stuff announced:

HubSpot Marketing Free:

Basically just LeadIn rebadged, but also cut down (eg only keeps 7 days of history in Free version).

Shot 3: Challenge of the Week

Emoji in podcast show notes will break iTunes parsing of the feed.

Apologies to our listeners when our last 3 episodes disappeared for a while.

Shot 4: Stat of the Week

Rand had a stat about blog post length in his session – but it was from 2015:

According to an @orbiteers survey, a typical blog post is almost 900 words – 10% longer than in 2014

SnapAgency have an update for 2017 on what the best length is for 2017:

“Size does matter, but quality matters more. When you’re writing a blog post, remember that length is secondary to the quality of your post, the structure of the article, its readability, and its engagement level. In other words, focus on how long people actually spend on your post checking out images, video, or eye-catching lists and stats.

That being said, it pays to heed the fact that people like reading long form content. If you can regularly hit 1,000-1,500 words, along with occasional 2,500 words posts, I believe your overall results will be better.

Since prevalent stats generally indicate that 2,500 is really an ideal word count for a post in regards to search engine traffic, we’ll add this: for keywords you’ve identified as definite opportunities and that face a lot of competition, the ideal remains 2,500. “

Here’s a slightly dated chart of ideal lengths for content types:

content length guidelines

Shot 5: Opinion(s) of the Week

If you want to appear smart about marketing, just talk about bots:

Craig: I feel like Bots are this year’s snapchat. Last year I didn’t *get* snapchat, this year I do. At the moment I feel like I have no opinion about bots… I need to investigate further, deeply, quickly.

Shot 6: Pro Tip of the Week

Facebook marketing tips from Jon Loomer (again!) – an overview of the page engagement custom audiences:

Shot 7: Resource of the Week

Dharmesh lists his favourite free tools – shock, HubSpot free is on there:

November 16:

(note: he lists the Google Keyword Planner tool – which may not be as good as it used to be – see also Rand’s session)

He also lists GrowthBot – which is an interesting inclusion.

November 10:

Another reminder to be cross-posting your content on other channels. (Note to self…)

Shot 8: Updated Mobile App of the Week

Medium app just keeps getting better and better:

Shot 9: Mobile App of the Week

Craig has just read: How Not To Die – about better eating (it promotes a plant based diet):

Daily Dozen – food app for eating well

Bonus App – Chemical Maze – Shopping Companion

Shot 10: Podcast of the Week

Perpetual Traffic Podcast:

Shot 11: Quote of the Week

Make user experience the cornerstone of your SEO.

~ Rand Fishkin

Shot 12: Logic Puzzle of the Week

IMG 6116

IMG 6117

IMG 6114

IMG 6115

HubShots Episode 60

Craig Bailey

Craig is the Founder and Technical Director at XEN Systems. He’s been involved in IT, web development and digital marketing for more than 25 years.

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