HubShots Episode 27: Interview with Sam Shoolman

HubShots Interview Sam Schoolman

Episode 27 of HubShots – the Unofficial Down Under HubSpot Podcast is now available.

In this episode we interview Sam Shoolman, Sales Director for HubSpot Asia Pacific and discuss:

– one key thing successful marketing managers are particularly good at (from a sales manager’s perspective): the willingness to adapt
– research is showing conclusively that old school tactics (cold calling, trade shows, spamming email lists) don’t work well any more
– how company culture, if fixed on old school, will limit the benefits you get from embracing the inbound methodology
– the importance of logging activity and research into the CRM, and getting a habit going
– why HubSpot gets all of the sales people to get inbound certified and build a marketing site before they are allowed to start selling
– Brand New Certification just launched: Inbound Sales Certification:
– prioritising the activities that need to be focussed on e.g. focusing on questions like: When I come to your site what do you want me to do?
– the best way to capture more leads at the top of the funnel
– white bread versus wheat bread leads
– gamification and the importance of reporting and dashboards for promoting positive activities
– the smarting virtuous cycle versus the old school vicious cycle
– the massive changes going on in the industry e.g. focussing on ecommerce industry
– evolving the culture to embrace change – the constant work in progress

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