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2013 is known as the year digital marketing skyrocketed with 20% of organisations incorporating digital marketing into each marketing function. 73% of advertising reported they used social media ads. Google AdWords lets advertisers connect with consumers across the web with visually rich, immersive experiences.

How does Google AdWords work?

First, you choose the keywords and topics that represent your webpage or product. You want to choose these based on several factors:

  • What are the words people use to search for you on the Internet? Not what you think they should use, but what they use. Ask several of your friends to help you make this list.
  • What are the popular words for each generation? If you want to advertise to multiple generations, then you need to have keywords that speak that language.

Second, you participate in an online auction bidding how much you will pay per click. Forbes has a caution here. Yes, you want to be in the top ranking of ads. However, always being in the first slot isn’t always your focus. Your focus comes in the third step.

Third, when a person searches the Internet using one of your chosen keywords, your ad appears above or on the side of the search results. If they click on the ad, they are directed to your webpage.

This is the focus for you. After a person clicks on a Google Ad and is on your site, you want your website to compel them to stay and look around. That is the caution from Forbes. Do not focus on being the first ad, focus on being the webpage that keeps individuals reading and coming back.

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