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Interesting Reading: Influencers and Homepage Assets

March has flown by for marketing managers. If you didn’t get a chance to see the educational, interesting content we shared over this month, here’s your easy catch-up piece! From social media to successful site design, XEN Systems has got you covered for this month’s most interesting marketing reading. Social Growth Snapchat is a relatively new marketing […]

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Interesting Reading: Questions and Clichés in Marketing

We’re almost at the end of February now and all of the marketing managers among us should be well into another year of strategising, planning and optimising. You might’ve been too busy to see this month’s content, so we’ve rounded up the most interesting and useful articles, infographics and podcasts from this month to give marketing […]

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Interesting Reading: Marketing Trends & Success in 2017

Companies new and old are focusing on how to market for success in 2017. New and improved marketing trends unfold and content (text, video or otherwise) still remains a central factor to all campaigns. We’ve rounded up some interesting and useful January content for marketing managers to sift through while they plan out the year ahead. […]