Spotify Ad Studio Service
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How to Use Spotify Ad Studio to Reach Your Audience

XEN was lucky to be part of the six months testing phase of Spotify’s new self-serve advertising platform, Ad Studio, which was officially launched in Australia early August 2018.  Siince then, we have used it across multiple clients who have enjoyed havig their brand prmoted on the platform. The article below was written in August […]

Effective Positioning Of Your Brand Or Business On Social Media
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Effective Positioning Of Your Brand Or Business On Social Media

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, you may have to ask yourself as a digital marketing manager – “is your brand or business reaching the right people on the right platforms? Are these people getting value from your marketing strategy? Are they ultimately becoming loyal customers or official brand ambassadors?” As a marketing manager […]

facebook algorithm changes
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New Facebook News Feed Algorithms – What’s Changed and How You Should Respond

Facebook marketers everywhere are up in arms about the new Facebook News Feed algorithm changes. What’s actually changing? What am I supposed to do differently? We wanted to address the key issues so our own customers and Facebook marketers far and wide have a plan in place to respond. We’ll look at: What are the […]

Marketers and Facebook Guidelines
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A Guide For Marketers After Facebook Internal Content Guidelines Leaked

It appears Facebook’s Internal Rulebook on sex, violence and terrorism has been leaked to The Guardian. The social media giant’s secret rules and guidelines for deciding what and what not to be posted by Facebook’s 2 billion users are revealed for the first time. The investigation and the leaked documents will fuel a worldwide debate […]