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Our Mission: An End to Buyer’s Remorse

Do you want to deliver better marketing?

Ever bought something and regretted it later? We all have. That’s buyer’s remorse. Manipulative advertising and pushy sales people. We all hate that right?

But what if you could focus on helping people? Solving real problems. That’s proper marketing. Promoting quality solutions to people who have real needs. Prompting them to take action that has impact.

That’s much better. That’s what we’re about. We’re focussed on better marketing.

Our Core Values

Here’s what we value at XEN:

01: Efficiency and Initiative

We seek the optimal way to perform every process. The path to efficiency requires taking initiative.

If there’s a better way to do something, discover it.

02: Honesty and Integrity

Honesty means we respect the other person. Whether a colleague or a client.

Honesty can be uncomfortable. It takes effort. Usually it pays off. Sometimes it doesn’t. We accept the risk.

03: Personal Growth

We like people who are learn-it-alls (ie the opposite of ‘know it alls’)

Be curious. Constantly learning.

Learn more about our core values in this video:

Learn more about our core values at XEN

Welcome to XEN

Our Clients

We’re fortunate to be able to work with some of the most impactful companies in Australia.

LG Energy

Current Openings

We’re currently looking for two highly intelligent, technically capable people to join the XEN digital marketing team:

  • Digital Coordinator ($18K – $39K AUD)
  • Digital Specialist ($39K – $73K AUD)

Watch the video for details of the roles, what we offer, and how to apply:

If you are really keen, there is also a longer (16+ mins), much more detailed version of this digital marketing roles video available here.

How to Apply

Simply fill in the form below with your details: