Marketers and Facebook Guidelines
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A Guide For Marketers After Facebook Internal Content Guidelines Leaked

It appears Facebook’s Internal Rulebook on sex, violence and terrorism has been leaked to The Guardian. The social media giant’s secret rules and guidelines for deciding what and what not to be posted by Facebook’s 2 billion users are revealed for the first time. The investigation and the leaked documents will fuel a worldwide debate…

Efficient Marketing Manager
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4 Tips To Be A More Effective Marketer

Do you run the day or does the day run you? Typically, marketers have a lot on their plate at one time. Campaign reviews. Rescheduled timelines. Looming deadlines. Reporting tasks. New content pressure. Lead generation. Conversion rates. Stakeholder buy-in. The responsibilities are endless. Here are four changes you can make to your day that will…

Marketing Tools
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What’s In Your Marketing Stack?

A marketing technology stack is a grouping of technologies that marketers leverage to conduct and improve their marketing activities. Often, the focus of marketing technologies is to make difficult processes easier, and to measure the impact of marketing activities and drive more efficient spending.     Optimizely With the huge range of marketing tools available, it…