3 HubSpot Workflow Tips

HubSpot Workflow Tips

In episode 9 of HubShots Ian and I discussed three quicks tips for using HubSpot workflows (you can listen to the podcast here).

HubSpot Workflows are really powerful for building nurture programs for your contacts.

Here’s 3 quick tips for using HubSpot Workflows:

Tip 1: Test Your Workflows

In the top right of a Workflow there is a Test link:

HubSpot Workflow Test Option

Clicking on that link will prompt you to select a contact to send the test items to (usually you’d choose yourself, but you could choose a team member etc):

HubSpot Workflow Test Enroll

You’ll immediately receive all the emails from the workflow – very handy for doing a quick check of what contacts will receive.

Tip 2: Setting Lifecycle Stages In Workflows

HubSpot is good at protecting the lifecycle stage of a contact – if a contact is a later lifecycle (eg Customer), then you don’t want to accidentally have the contact ‘downgraded’ to a lower stage (eg MQL) as part of a workflow. HubSpot will by default prohibit this from happening. Which is good!

However, what if you do want to downgrade a lifecycle stage?

Turns out it is reasonably easy – you just need to clear the lifecycle stage first:HubSpot Clear Lifecycle Stage in Workflow

After that you can set it to whatever lifecycle you need.

An example might be: setting a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) back to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) because they weren’t yet ready.

Or setting a Marketing Qualified Lead back to Lead because they haven’t engaged with any bottom of the funnel offers, etc.

Tip 3: Workflow Branching Prompt When Deleting

Workflow branching has been available for a while now (at least a year or more) but one of the reasons I’ve rarely used it is because deleting a branch item used to delete everything (and I mean everything) below it.

But a month or two ago I noticed that branching deletes now prompt you like this:

HubSpot Workflow Branching Delete Prompt

This makes things a lot easier to manage.

Workflow branching is still a little cumbersome eg ideally I’d like a way to easily move a branch to later stage in a workflow, but at least this improvement means you don’t lose everything if you delete a branch.

Hope these tips help. For more HubSpot tips check out our other episodes of HubShots.

Craig Bailey

Craig is the Founder and Technical Director at XEN Systems. He’s been involved in IT, web development and digital marketing for more than 25 years.

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