HubShots Episode 63
HubShots, HubSpot, Marketing Manager

HubShots Episode 63: George B Thomas, HubSpot CTA Variation Groups, and Lead Flows yet again

In this episode we highlight the best way to listen to George B Thomas’ Inbound presentation. And then look at HubSpot’s *new* CTA variation groups feature. And because it’s so awesome we discuss Lead Flows yet again! There’s some good resources and quotes in there too. Enjoy!

HubShots Episode 62
HubShots, HubSpot, Marketing Manager

HubShots Episode 62: Charles Duhigg gems, More Lead Flows, Avoiding Irrational Decisions, Content Audits

In this episode we discuss some Charles Duhigg gems from Inbound 2016, and then dive further into HubSpot Lead Flows. After that there’s a bit of discussion where Craig highlights how ‘old’ he is when it comes to mobile trends. Thankfully Ian brings the episode home with a chat about the value of content audits.