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Google Books wins ‘fair use’ but Australian copyright lags

Australia wants to foster innovation in a digital economy, but our copyright laws discourage businesses from investing in new technologies and make it harder for individuals to access the knowledge upon which innovation is based. The recent US decision in the Google Books case shows why US copyright law is much more supportive of innovation than ours.

Building relationships via Social Networks
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An Introduction to using LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Forbes¬†advises that the techniques of content marketing are becoming more valuable as customers increasingly create direct relationships with their customers via social networks. General Electric is a well-known B2B brand dedicating an increasing portion of advertising funds to content marketing. The most successful way of reaching a business audience is through LinkedIn, with 91% of…

Digital Marketing Tidbits
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Remember These 5 Things Before Posting to LinkedIn

We’re here to talk about LinkedIn as a platform and as a social media. While Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have a special niche carved out in the digital and social information superhighway, LinkedIn remains the elephant in the room for business to business results and for establishing yourself within your professional industry.…