Google Plus

Using Google Plus for Marketing

Using G+ for Marketing Google+ is sometimes forgotten when it comes to online marketing, especially social. However, social is an important part of SEO overall and none of the larger social platforms should be ignored if you want a well-rounded online presence. In fact, just setting up a G+ profile is beneficial to most businesses […]

Digging deeper into user intent

Using Long Tail Keywords

SEO is an ever-changing and complex business and in order to gain the best results, professionals should keep up with algorithm changes and industry trends all of the time. At the moment, there’s much debate about the relevance of keywords in modern content and meta information, but there’s little doubt that they still have their […]

Email marketing

Is Email Marketing Dead?

In the social world that we live in, many people now assume email marketing to be old hat, but this is far from the case. According to the latest TechnoratiMedia Digital Influence Report (2013) a huge 77% of consumers asked said that they prefer to receive marketing communications through email, so long as they had […]